• Jul 31

    Every sensible blogger and small business owner would know and understand the importance of using premium WordPress themes. It’s a known fact that you would get a totally different feel while using premium wp themes than the free themes. Moreover, the ease of use while using premium wp themes, the ease of customization. The robust image you represent of your small business, by being a premium WordPress theme user are of great value, when you are into e-commerce, or need special attention and traffic for your website.

    Why most bloggers step back from using premium themes

    They are good; they are easy to use, they look ultra professional, and you can represent your site, information, services and products in style while using the premium WordPress themes. Many small business owners, and people who actually need the facilities and the professional look of premium themes do not get a premium theme and instead go for a free one. Why? The reason is the price. The high price of the premium wp themes bother most website owners, and they like to get a theme with similar features and look free of cost.

    Get nulled premium wp themes

    You always love free things, and hence there is a way you can always get the look, feel, features and facilities of a professional and stylish looking highly defined premium wp themes. The way is simple. You need to get a nulled premium wp theme for this. A nulled theme would give you all the facilities of the whole premium theme free of cost, and you can use it for a lifetime without paying a dime. It is actually great for those, who needs the look and feel, features and style, and only take their step back because of the extra funds needed to buy a premium theme.

    How using a nulled wp premium theme helps cut cost

    We all know the expenses you have to bear while constructing a website. There are the hosting fees, the domain registration fees, the content making fees. You curtail all that by cutting cost on the web development fees by choosing word press as your CMS. Now if you again need to spend on the theme, then your scope of cost cutting gets narrow. The nulled themes come as a great resource in such cases, and make you spend less on a stylish and fully featured professional website. A nulled premium theme makes you invest zero on the theme and styling of your website and saves your web development cost.

  • Jul 31

    Communication is perhaps the only attribute of the human race that has seen advancement unparalleled by any other of our attribute. From the pre-historic diagrams and figures in the caves to the writing on stone tablets, and further on papyrus leaves, skins and finally on paper, man has come a long way in the field of publishing. The latest form of publishing is the on-line media; that is the websites and the blogs on the internet. Man has been using various tools for writing and publishing, like the stones, vegetable pigments, reeds, iron tools for writing on tablets, lead pencils, ink pens and finally word processors, publishing softwares and the content management systems.

    The WordPress is one such open blogging and free source website creation & management tool. It works on the PHP and MySQL content management systems. It’s an extremely user-friendly and powerful publishing software.

    Features of WordPress:

    There are arrays of features of this system which we must discuss, for example, it is built for publishing; it makes sharing ‘content’ fun and keeps the readers glued to your blogs. Pushing content to social networks is more productive, your website is presented in an optimum format. It also ensures that you appear at the top of the search results, the moment you enter the ‘publish’ option. It’s not only a website, but a platform for effectively publishing your content.  Secondly, it is a multi-site technology and powers over 20 million sites on the WordPress.com. Their clients include global sites like CNN and New York Times.

    A WordPress theme is the outer covering of your website or blog; it is how the blog looks and feels to your customer. It is a collection of files that in short provide a graphical Interphase with an underlying and interwoven design for a weblog. These files are known as template files. A theme modifies the outlook or designs but not the basic software.

    Add or Download New Themes:

    One can download new themes from the WordPress Theme Directory; it is the official site for the WordPress. Here, theme files are inspected and checked and made available for free down-loading. One can search the themes by various parameters like type, style and application. WordPress is currently available with three themes; the Twenty Fourteen-theme, a default Twenty Thirteen-theme and a Twenty Twelve theme. One can switch between themes using the ‘appearance admin panel.’

    The ‘add new themes’ option allows the user to download new themes to his or her blog. The process is completely simple as well as can be lucidly explained as below -

    Step 1 – Log on to the WordPress admin panel.

    Step 2 – Select the Appearance panel

    Step 3 – Select Add New.

    Step 4 – Use the ‘search’ or ‘filter’ option in order to select the theme of your choice.

    Step 5 – Click preview to connect to the preview link.

    Step 6 – Click the ‘Install Now’ to upload the theme on your blog.

    New themes can also be added through cPanel or manually through an FTP client.

    Select Active Theme

    To select the ‘active theme,’ log in to the WordPress admin panel, select the ‘Appearance’ panel and then select ‘Themes,’ one can know more about the theme by clicking on ‘Theme Details.’ A preview can be seen by clicking the ‘Live Preview’ button and finally to activate the theme, click the ‘Activate’ button.

    Some of the free themes available on the WordPress are Singl, Gravit, The Box, Graphy, Phogra, Capture, Oxygen and Wilson, etc. This makes WordPress one of the popular open source blogging and website creation softwares.

  • Jul 31

    WordPress is a beautiful content management system; it is an open source blogging tool and a semantic publishing platform that works on the MySQL and the PHP systems. It was founded by Matt Mullenweq and Mike Little on May 27th, 2003. This is web software that one can use to create fabulous blogs and websites. Though it is free software, the manufacturers have advertised it as a paradox ‘free and priceless at the same time.’

    The core software is developed by a community of volunteers, having hundreds of members. It works on a web template system and uses a template processor. One can choose from thousands of plugins and themes, which help change your site into something almost unimaginable. There are many easy to use, freely distributed, fast, standards compliant, light and extremely customizable features which make your publishing experience unique and exciting.

    Features of Templates:

    The in the following are some of the features of WordPress:

    a)    Themes: Themes are specific content and image; ‘home’ page designs to suit customer needs, customers can install and switch between themes that allow users to change the looks and applicability of a website or blog. They are installed using the appearance administrator function and can be uploaded via FTP, HTML, CSS and PHP softwares. These themes are in the form of templates, some of which are free, as well as some are paid for. Users are urged to create and customize their own themes or templates, using their own knowledge and skills.

    b)    Plugins: are custom features and functions which enable users to tailor-make their sites as per their specific needs. WordPress has a plugin database of over 30,000 plugins. The customizations vary from SEO to client portals. They are used to display private information in the form of widgets and navigation bars to users who are logged in.

    c)    Integrated Link Management: it is a search engine friendly and permanent link based structure, it can assign multiple categories to articles and supports the tagging of posts and articles. Automatic filters are also provided with standard formatting and styling of texts. WordPress also supports Trackback and Pingback functions for displaying links to other sites.

    d)    Multi-user and Multi blogging Interphase: WordPressMultiuseror WordPressMU was created to allow multiple blogs on one installation, which is administered by a central maintainer. People with their own websites can host their own blogging communities and control & monitor all blogs from a single dashboard. The MU adds eight new tables per blog.   

    WordPress on Mobile:

    WordPress is available on Android, WebOS and iOS platforms, and that can be used on the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad, the Windows phone and the Blackberry. A company designs these called the Automattic, and it allows a limited set of options, like viewing stats, commenting & moderating, replying, new blog posting and adding new pages.

    Premium Templates:

    Explore – Responsive WordPress. Explore has been designed for general use. It is a great professional theme, which is easy to use for different types of websites; for business or personal needs. It has a wide boxed layout, pre-defined background patterns and solid colours.

    Justness – Responsive Lawyer Theme. It is specially made for lawyers, attorneys and law companies. It works well on handheld devices and is SEO optimized.

    iCreative – Responsive Multipurpose Theme. It is designed for businesses i.e. agency, online store, portfolio, photography and blog websites.

    Some of the other Premium Templates are Kakileema, Byron, Fatima and Fotox, etc.

    As such WordPress is a versatile and user-friendly online content management system.

  • Jul 31

    A premium WordPress theme is one which lets you get through site establishment and web development without any fuss. You may wonder why choose a premium theme, when there are so many great free themes which look as good as the premium themes. Well, while thinking this, you are missing one big point. What if you need some customization? What if you need a tweak with the codes here and a little change there? If you are a layman, and no tech geek, then playing with theme codes for a little customization and suitable looks won’t be your cup of coffee.

    Which themes are treated as the premium ones

    Every year theme developers develop thousands of WordPress themes. But only the few best themes get elected forsake, as they qualify to be great ones with lots of features, customization options, shortcodes and widgets, and lots of facilities. Hence, the best themes released in 2014 for WordPress gets to become treated as premium, and they only are sold at reasonable values.

    What you get with premium themes

    Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should elect a premium theme over a free theme:

    • Unlike a free theme, you get complete technical support for a premium theme.
    • You can always customize a premium wp theme for looks and functionality without the theme to cause functional errors, unlike the free themes.
    • You get support of the theme developers to guide you through the theme customization as and when needed.
    • Unlike a free theme, premium themes are stable, and after change in codes and customization as guided by the developers. Also, they stay completely working and without any error codes.

    Now, if you owned the small business, and want a website in order to do more than just hobby blogging or photo uploading, then you will need something more professional, more user facilitated, and more business and work oriented. For that, you may not hire web designers to handle the web development while being a small business owner, but you will definitely want to get help from the theme developers for the same reasons at a much lesser and reasonable cost.

    Themes for all

    Every year the wp premium theme gallery gets updated with several premium themes, and you will get a wide choice for your website. There are themes for portfolio sites, slideshow oriented sites, business sites, magazine style, bloggers, e-commerce sites, and the list will go on and on. Hence, with buying a premium wp theme, you will always get a wide choice, and full developer support to stay relaxed as you arrange contents in your website.

  • Jul 31

    Communication And WordPress:

    Communication is one of the most needed functions for business today, with the advent of the internet, the market-place has grown to global proportions and the on-line media industry has made every effort to facilitate this. On-line marketing and advertising functions have moved on from the print media (which has an enormous impact on the local catchment area) to the internet, which is global and much more diverse than one could ever imagine.

    The WordPress is a tool for managing content on the internet. It comes in the form of open source blogs and websites. This software is based on the MySQL and the PHP systems of operations. The founders Mike Little and Matt Mullenweq released this software for the first time in 2003.

    The WordPress is further on developed by hundreds of users of this software, by forming a community, where-in the members volunteer to use the various aspects of this software and save the results as themes to be used by other users and customers.

    There are some extraordinary features of this software, but its character is enriched by the hundreds of plugins that extend limitlessly what the WordPress can be used to accomplish.

    Themes and Templates

    Themes are files which enhance the look and the feel of the blog or web interface, they allow the users to change the functionality of the software without altering its original characteristic. Themes can be uploaded using the administrator panel or manually through FTP, PHP, CSS and HTML, etc., and these themes can be added or edited to include advance features. Plugins are used to extend the applicability of the features. The WordPress database has over 30,000 plugins; each one accommodates customization and enabling users to make changes as per their specific needs. These customizations vary from client portals to SEOs. Another feature of the WordPress software is the Integrated Link Management, which is a search engine adaptive feature which allows a clean permalink structure. It enhances the ability to assign multiple categories in order to articles and support for tagging posts and articles. Automatic filters are also included in this; these provide formatting and stylizing of the text in articles. This software also supports the Pingback and Trackback for showing links to other sites, as per the content of the articles.

    WordPress is available with three themes; the Twenty Fourteen theme by default, the Twenty Thirteen and the Twenty Twelve, which are inter-applicable by switching among them using the link; Appearance admin panel – Appearance – Themes.

    Free Premium Themes:

    Admiration: This is a WordPress theme with featured content option that supports the post thumbnails. It is Woo-commerce ready and has got theme options. It has featured posts slider, responsive design, custom widgets, page templates, and is localization ready, and SEO optimized.

    Alias: This WordPress theme has the following features; clean code, contacts page template, featured posts, responsive, theme options, SEO optimized.

    Some of the other free premium themes having the similar types of features are – Adventure Flights, Gorgon, Bravis, Calypso, Admirable and Akler.